Team building activities your employees can’t wait to try

Employee motivation is very critical to any employer who wants to retain their employees. Team building is one of the sure ways of doing so ( Maybe you are wondering how you will keep your team busy when you choose to make it happen. You have a thousand options, but we highlight just three to jump-start the desire in this article.

1. Flip it over

For this activity, you will need a piece of cloth, preferably the size of a tablecloth. About six to ten people can take part in this activity at a time ( The team members will have to all stand on the cloth. The target is that they shout work together to turn the fabric to the other side without stepping outside of the fabric. The team has a maximum of twenty minutes to have the job done.

Flip it over is one of the most creative activities that your team can participate in if you want them to improve teamwork, interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

2. Mystery dinner

Here is another activity which will, however, cost the company. You will need to prepare a restaurant or home setting with enough kitchen appliances. Within two or three hours, you should have completed this activity.

The mystery, in this case, is that you will only tell your team the date of the dinner and the time. Don’t tell them the venue and what they will be doing. As a secret, group team members into groups of two or three with assigned responsibility of what they will do in the preparation of the dinner. A few hours to the planned time, email them on who they are paid with as instruct them to go with their partners. Once they get to the venue, let them know their responsibilities.

This game ensures that employees get out of their comfort and work well with strangers to accomplish a goal. It is a proper way of training your employees on flexibility and teamwork. Better success can be attained if you pair them with people they have never worked with.

3. Barter puzzle

You need jigsaw puzzles for this activity and Budget with one hour or so for this game since it might take longer than most games ( You need to make teams of a minimum of ten members per group. This is why it would be most effective for large companies.

Split the main team to have three or four people. Give the smaller group jigsaw puzzle with the same difficulty, but ensure you mix the jigsaw pieces. The small groups then have to negotiate with the other small groups within the more prominent groups to get the puzzle piece they need. The target is that each small group must finish their task within the stipulated time.
The game helps in developing negotiation and problem-solving skills. You can have this game to test the communication and leadership skills of your team. Be keen to check their temperament and note where more training is needed.

Team building activities your employees can't wait to try