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Japanese Snacks

When it comes to our cuisine, we want to have a variety of items. Our palates have become refined over the years and we are increasingly looking for intercultural delights. With the mobility that there is in the modern world, Japanese snacks have been become more accessible as they can easily be flown in. Websites are offering more of these snacks than ever. In the following article, we will explore more about these international Japanese snacks that you can get online.

Bokksu Market is a place where you can get all sorts of treats. There are all sorts of items such as cafe au lait cookies. Yes, they do use the French term for milky coffee in their description. You can also get things with lotus root, sweet potato, truffles, lychee, salted watermelon, mochi, sesame, sake, and green tea among other flavorings. One of the big crazes in Japan is the uniquely flavored Kit Kats. You cannot get these usually in your typical gas station, so if you are looking for cookies and cream or other unusual flavors, here is a good go-to.

You also cannot forget Japan Candy Store. This online repository has candy that is distinctly Japanese. You’ll be surprised how much of the Japanese chocolate revolves around the Kit Kat brand. There are also Japanese brands such as Moringa, Meiji, Bourbon Mini, and more. You can expect the Kit Kats to be very unusual on this site as compared to Bokksu Market. For example, there is ocean salt flavor, apple pie, salt & lemon, party ice cream, and custard pudding. For foodies looking for a unique Kit Kat fix, this is really a haven.

Additionally, you can go to Blippo to get your fill of Japanese snacks. At this store, they have a lot of snacks that are associated with anime. Anime is an entirely different craze. This store has a lot of the Japanese brands and you can really get a sense of what the candies are like in Japan. They have a lot of interesting chips like one that is flavored sour plum.

Further, you can find what you’re looking for at TokyoTreat. Here you have everything divided into neat categories such as Party Pack, Anime Snacks, Drinks, Dagashi, and DIY Kits. There is a delightful mixture here of savory and sweet. The drinks are particularly curious with fancy Coca Cola bottles and Japanese Fanta flavors. They even have Sakura Pepsi. If you’re more of a beverage person, you will be able to find what you are looking for here. (

Japanese snacks have invaded Western culture. There are countless YouTube videos of people getting in front of the camera to try the Japanese snacks that they have ordered. The following above are just a few of the major websites that you can try to see what you will enjoy. It’s all within your reach now with the help of the Internet.